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Here's what people are saying about Pam Smith...
"I was advised to find the best nutritionist available. I did. Pamela Smith. I know from experience: Follow her advice and it will change your life."
Charles Colson - Bestselling Author and Lecturer

"Pam brings not only good nutrition information and advice to the players, but also Incredible Enthusiasm!"
John Gabriel - General Manager - The Orlando Magic NBA team

"Hello! I must tell you how much I appreciate the Tips for Living Well I hear on our radio station here in Central FL, Z88.3. In a sea of trendy diets and quick weight loss methods, you seem to be a solid rock, holding to wholesome health values. I hear things on your radio spot that I haven't read or heard anywhere else. As a health educator myself, this is so refreshing! THANK YOU!"
Jenny P.

"I learned quite a bit from this course. I'm definitely going to take these points and try them out in my life, to see what works for me! I believe this course not only has helped me view my personal life in a different way, but it will help me be an even better dental assistant, and help me apply some of these pointers at my job so I can be at my best. Thank you so much! :)"
Dental Assistant, PNDC

"This course should be required by every dental office as it's current and vital to the staff as well as to the patients, which may help at least 35% of the public."
Dental Assistant, "Energy for Life!" Seminar

"Thank you for all of the great emails and solid diet information. I think the book the Diet Trap should be mandatory for everyone to read and especially women. I for one have read almost every diet book out there trying to find answers for dealing with hypoglycemia and hormone balance, and if you follow PamÕs excellent meal plan in The Diet Trap, which I have purchased and given as gifts to friends, you can stabilize your blood sugar and feel and sleep better."
Shirley H.

"Your recommendations are the first I've seen to guide folks towards food combinations, something I've been trying to follow before by pairing a simple carb with a protein. Keep up the great work!" Adam M.

"I had the good fortune to attend your lecture at the recent Yankee Dental Congress in Boston. It was an exceptional source of information for me and, I am sure, for all. Hopefully, you will speak again next year!" Kathy B.

"I was at the Food & Wine Festival last week and bought your book "The Energy Edge". I started to read the book on Tuesday on my flight home and just completed it moments ago. I am so grateful that you came into my life and am just so inspired and in awe of you. I believe so strongly that the body, soul, & spirit need to be nourished and the importance of living a grateful and passionate life. This book was just what I needed! Best wishes to you and many thanks!"
Rose L.

"My name is Steve. I've been a Stay At Home Dad now for 15 years and have listened to your radio spots for most of those 15 years as I deliver my daughter to school. I love each and every one of them."
Steve K.

"I was recommended your book at a marriage conference I attended with my husband. I have been following your 12 week hormonal balance plan for 11 weeks now. Although I was basically eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle I needed some more knowledge when it came to how often and how much to eat. I am no longer needing to take any supplements and have never felt better."
Cheryl N.

"Pam, your lecture today was excellent. As a two time breast cancer survivor, I do try to take care of myself, but sometimes I fall off the wagon. It really helps get me back on track when I hear someone like you reinforce what I know I should be doing! Thanks for a most informative and entertaining day!"
Lisette W.

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